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Redelivery support has long been a process most popularly used by the lessors. However,  it is now more commonplace for the airlines to use these services also. There is a distinct advantage and cost saving for the airline when acquisitions are required, saving both time and money for the airline in using our knowledgable, skilled  and specialized maintenance records and technical services. 

Similarly, during aircraft lease redeliveries, AeroNautical can provide valuable knowledge and support to the airline, working alongside their own records departments, in dealing with the lessors, the maintenance facilities and local airworthiness authorities, including processing the import or export of the aircraft.

AeroNautical can offer cost effective and experienced assistance at the point of acquisition or redelivery to our airline customers.

  • Knowledgable assistance during the redelivery or acceptance
  • Aircraft records preparation prior to redelivery or acceptance
  • Technical aircraft condition review prior to redelivery or acceptance
  • Compliance Review to delivery lease terms
  • Management of redelivery or acquisition to lease conditions
  • Pre lease inspections of records or aircraft
  • Inspection & auditing of technical records
  • Import & export  and local regulatory authority liaison assistance
  • Mandatory documentation compliance review
  • Full Project Management of the redelivery process